Chalchantite 2

Rare collecterspiece
€ 60,00

Natural Chalchantite specimen!

Chalchantite is a verry (And i mean VERRY) rare crystal (mineral) to find in its all natural grown form.

And i sourced a few from the best place! These babies came all the way from Arizona. one of the places where these can be mined.

She stands for harmony, communication and true connections.

She helps you to adjust to the energy around you and to break free from toxic ways of thinking.

It is a secondary mineral that is formed in arid climates or in rapidly oxidizing copper deposits. It is usually of post-mining formation, forming on mine walls and by the action of acidic surface waters on veins of copper ore (Mindat)

These are small pieces (1,5 - 3 cm) and will be delivered in a collectors case.