" I have an oil for that"


Essential oils can be used to support you in allmost anything you can think of!

I have been working with the purest oils on the market for over 2 years now and i specialize in making blends that work for the mind. 


  • Sleep
  • Traumahealing
  • Chakrawork
  • Overstimulated brain (adhd, hsp, autism etc)
  • Depression
  • Selflove 

  • Medidate

And many more options!

Other that that i am an expert on working with essential oils and kids. Why kids? They need to do so much in this fast paced world whilst they are so little and still so open to all the other energys that are floating around.

There are more and more children that are having sleeping problems, are in need of extra help to focus in school of are constantly overstimulated. I know how to help them in a safe way. I know wich oils are kidsafe and how to use them properly from the age of day 1. There is a separate option for kids; to make sure we have a little chat before i start the process of making an oil roller.

There is also an "on demand" blend. If what you are looking for is not an option in the menu (yet!) i am still sure i can help you with it.

Little note: We can always customize a standard blend. I will always keep your prefferences in mind! Some will come with crystals in the mix and some (mostly the kids blend) will not!

* Every roller is made by order, no premade rollers* 

This means that if you want to change anything, there is no issue in doing so!

* If you have allergies, are pregnant or breastfeeding; Let me know so i can change a recipe to keep everybody healthy and happy*